Our Pizza Style ovens have lower stone or brick arch veneer with an aluminum door or steel door.

Benefits of an aluminum door are they are long lasting and resistant while our steel doors can rust after prolonged exposure to water.


All ovens are handmade and built as following:

Ovens are  built with a layer of brick and mortar and then covered with refractory cement.

A thick layer of Rockwool Insulation is applied and held down with steel mesh before an additional layer of refractory cement and based on the model you choose they are finished as follows:


Pizzaioli | Brazza | Buenaventura | Custom: with a white finish dome

Pietra Pizzaioli: dark flat stone

Rustic Pizza: layer of bricks


The insulation allows ovens to keep the heat more than four hours to cook all kinds of dishes. Also the outside stays warm to touch and won’t burn you.


Style traditional Mediterranean


The door on this model opens from top to bottom.


Pizzaioli | Brazza | Buenaventura | Custom Ovens can be painted or tiled!


Included with your oven:

Stainless Steel Chimney: 6” spout with flu/damper. (Pipe extensions and cap available separately).

Ceramic Baking Dish: (10” x 14.5” x 3”)

Thermometer (0-500c)

Ultra Fire: Patch kit to address superficial cracks that will develop. the repair kit is only included with Pizzaioli | Brazza | Buenaventura | Custom Ovens. (see video under ABOUT YOUR OVEN https://youtu.be/3d2Dth9MKmA

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