Do you install the oven or place it where it’s going to be?
We offer free consultation and free estimates for installations on ovens or built-ins for most areas of Connecticut. Call us at 203-427-7661 to find out the closest retailer to you. We can recommend other landscapers or outdoor kitchen contractors.

Can I pick up the oven myself?
Absolutely, we can recomend the closest retailer to you! Ovens can weigh more than 1200lbs depending on the model you purchase. 

Do you offer a warranty?
traditional Portuguese ovens will tend to develop small cracks either inside or outside. This is normal and you should expect it to happen. It does NOT affect the oven however we provide a repair kit so that you can make small touch ups at home. 

How long does an oven take to heat up?
The oven will take approximately 45 minutes to get up to temperature depending on the moisture of the wood used.

What is curing and do I need to do this?
YES you need to do this!

Curing is removing the moisture in the mortar. Curing will maintain the integrity of your oven for its lifetime. So, yes you need to cure your traditional oven and we also reccomend this for your portable one as well. You will be starting small fires and repeating daily for 5 days.

Start a small fire and let it burn throughout the day (4-5 hours) maintaining temperature:

Day 1. 140F/60C Day

Day 2. Repeat 215F/100C
Day 3. Repeat 300F/ 150C
Day 4. Repeat 400F/200C
Day 5. Repeat 480F/250C

Make sure that you close the oven door each night, which will keep in the heat and protect moisture from getting in until the curing process is complete

Even though you cure your ovens it will still crack

Here is a video on how to use the patch kit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d2Dth9MKmA&feature=youtu.be

What kind of wood should I use?
Only use hardwoods such as walnut, oak,mesquite,apple, maple etc.

Have fun using different woods to provide different flavors for your food.

How do I clean the oven?

Once the fire is out and cools you just sweep the ashes out and it’s ready for your next cook out.

    What tools do I need for my wood fire pizza oven?
    We offer tool sets on our accessories page. Check it out. What tools you'll need will depend on what you are cooking. Call us for any help!

    What else can I cook in this oven?

    Check out our blog for help!

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