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Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Fiesta
Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Fiesta
Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Fiesta
Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Fiesta
Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Fiesta

Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Fiesta

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Fiesta is a portable wood fired pizza oven - 50lb.Included with the oven is chimney, thermostat, cover, chimney and pizza peel.
It's easy and fun to use. 
There is no assembly needed, there are no screws. 
You only need to place the chimney, fit the refractory fire brick inside and it's ready to be lit.

Weighing only 50 lbs it's a fully portable wood-fired oven. 
Very easy to store indoors and when you are not using it and you can lend it to friends and family.
Perfect for families who love to camp or tailgate. Easy to bring to friends and families houses for parties!
Heats up to 900 degrees in under 15 minutes.
Cook a pizza in 90 seconds.
Fiesta Wood Fired Portabe Pizza Oven

Brand: Fiesta

Assembled Product Weight: 50 lbs

Color: Stainless Steel

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

23.00 x 19.00 x 15.00 Inches
Further Details:

This oven has been designed to give you years of cooking pleasure using the most ancient method known to man – wood fired cooking.

This amazing oven is extremely flexible as it allows you to not only cook amazing pizzas in around 90 seconds, you can also use it to cook roasts such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc., casseroles, specialty dishes such as lasagna, meatballs, fajitas and you can also bake bread and other fancies such as sponge cakes in it!

And its flexibility doesn’t end there. Because it measures 19.5 inches wide and 23.5 inches long and weighs only 50 lbs in total, it is perfectly portable so you can easily move it around the garden, or fit it into the boot of your car to take to a friend’s house for a party.

Best of all, it can go with you if you ever move, rather than having to leave it behind!

The benefits of wood fired cooking when making a pizza, there is no better way than to re-create authentic pizzas the way the Italians make them. And the only way to do this is to cook them in a good wood fired oven such as the FIESTA.

The reason for this is simple.

The FIESTA is very easy to light and it reaches a very high temperature very quickly (usually within 10-12 minutes). A high temperature is the first essential element for cooking a great pizza. The heat generated by The FIESTA enables you to cook the pizza quickly whilst achieving that elusive crispy pizza base. Once lit, the brick floor of the oven becomes a radiator for the heat, enabling the pizza to cook from underneath as well as from above.

This stone baking process means that a pizza will cook extremely quickly (usually in around 90 seconds), which means you can cater for a lot of people very quickly and at the fraction of the cost of a barbeque.

The second element you’ll need for cooking the perfect pizza is smoke.

Because the FIESTA is a wood fired oven, the fire and smoke are drawn through the oven and across the pizza as it cooks, adding an incredible flavor to your pizza, which a gas fired oven simply cannot achieve.

Finally, you need to ensure that you are using the correct ingredients.

To cook a really amazing pizza, you need to use the correct dough and toppings.

Take a look at our Recipes page on our website to see how to make amazing tasting pizzas from the simplest of ingredients.

Cooking other things in your FIESTA pizza oven As we have mentioned, your FIESTA oven can cook far more than just pizzas. It can be used to slow-cook dishes such as casseroles, roast joints of meat, and even to bake bread.

The FIESTA oven comes with a removable door, chimney valve and a built-in thermometer, which enable you to control the temperature, whilst cooking or baking. Essentially you will be able to cook most things you would cook in a conventional gas or electric oven, but with the added benefit of a wonderful smoky flavor in the food.

DO NOT close the oven door fully while a fire is in the oven. Closing the door fully will cut off oxygen to the fire, causing the fire to erupt suddenly when the door is removed. If cooking dishes such as stews, meatballs etc., use a casserole type dish with a lid as this will help protect the food as it cooks, checking and stirring it regularly. For roasts, use a deep tin and cook on a lower heat, as cooking for longer is the perfect way to achieve tender meat when cooked. Breads also require a lower heat to prevent the crust from burning before the rest of the dough has had the time to bake through. Use a good metal bread tin and check the bread regularly as it bakes.

The FIESTA oven is very easy to use and maintain and will give you years of cooking pleasure if you look after it.

To light the oven, build a tower of kindling with a few balls of dry paper stuffed in it in the middle of the brick floor, slightly towards the front of the oven. Set light to the paper and ensure that the kindling lights as the fire builds. Over the next few minutes, keep adding pieces of kindling to the fire to help the fire gain size and heat. After 8-10 minutes, the fire should have built up to a reasonable size and the heat should now be quite intense. At this point, add 2 or 3 small logs to the top of the fire to help the fire establish itself properly. After a further 5 minutes, your fire should be ready to push to the back of the oven using a rake and brush. Brush all the embers off the bricks and into the fire, which is now set to the rear of the oven. You should now have red embers and a healthy flame and are now ready to start cooking. Every 15 minutes or so, check the heat and flame within the oven and add more logs accordingly in order to maintain a healthy fire and heat. Use a pizza peel to introduce and remove your pizza from the oven.

Important safety information always use natural untreated firewood (never use pressure treated wood such as old fence posts) for burning and NEVER use any types of accelerants such as petrol, paraffin, or similar liquids in the oven as these are extremely dangerous and can lead to explosions within your oven. DO NOT use Charcoal, chipped wood products or sappy wood such as pine within your oven.

BEWARE of flying sparks from the mouth of oven. Ensure that no combustible materials are within range of your oven at any time.

The FIESTA pizza oven will reach very high temperatures so ALWAYS USE long heat resistant oven gloves and mitts to handle pots and tools. NEVER put your hand or arm into the oven when lit unless you are wearing adequate heat resistant gloves. DO NOT dispose of ashes from the oven until they have fully cooled down (this can take up to 8 hours).

Once cool, dispose of the ashes using a metal shovel and place them in a metal bin or container with a tightly fitting lid. The bin should be stored on a non-combustible surface, away from all combustible materials. ALWAYS ensure that the ashes are completely cold before disposing of them appropriately. DO NOT pack any air spaces in the oven with insulation or other materials – these are essential air spaces, which are integral to the design and safety of the oven.

The FIESTA pizza oven is made with the highest quality materials and modern refractories and insulated by double walls. It’s interior and exterior are 100% made in stainless steel 304. The removable door is made in stainless steel 304, with a handle and 8 vent holes, 4 on each side of the handle on the door made in oak. The refractory clay brick, which is laid on the oven’s floor is 184 x 184 x 4.8 inches thick that absorbs, radiates and keeps the heat from the fire inside the oven.

When cleaning your FIESTA pizza oven, make sure the interior of the oven is cleared of ashes and embers once fully cold. Once you have removed these, whenever cleaning your oven with water MAKE SURE to remove the refractory fire brick first and never allowing the fire brick to get wet. Over time, (as is the case with any wood fired oven), the top of the opening and the door on your FIESTA oven can become black as the soot from the fire builds up. This is very easy to remove by simply cleaning the oven opening with soap and water and a soft sponge. The external skin of your oven can also be cleaned using soap and water and a soft sponge when needed. This process will keep the brick of your oven in the best condition and will ensure that your oven will be ready for use when you come to use it next time.

Components included with the FIESTA pizza oven:

  • FIESTA portable pizza oven body
  • Door Rear floor lid
  • Removable chimney with cap and butterfly valve
  • Removable refractory fire brick 18 x18 x 1/2 inches

Assembling the FIESTA oven:

 Inside the box you should find the oven body with all its components (as listed above) inside it. The refractory fire brick is under the oven enclosed between two styrofoam boards. No tools are needed to assemble your oven: Carefully lift the oven out of the box and place on a strong, flat surface. Take out the fire brick that is under the oven and fit it inside the oven from the rear opening, push it to the front of the oven, and then, slide the lid towards the back of the oven until it fall in place closing the rear of the oven. Fit the chimney tube with cap in place. You are now ready to start cooking... enjoy and have fun!! Warning Please ensure that you have read all instructions fully before installing and using the appliance as failure to follow these instructions could result in property damage or bodily injury. Your oven will be extremely hot while in operation - Keep children and pets at a safe distance. Do not burn garbage or flammable fluids in your oven.

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